We at Saigon Summer proudly represent 3 generations of Vietnamese Australians. From humble beginnings in South-east Asia, our great grandparents migrated south in constant search for a safe haven and a better life for their children. Fleeing their much loved beautiful countryside of China, Vietnam and Cambodia¬† (through South-east Asia), all so rich in culture in their own way, it was not an easy thing to do. The traumatic journey on rugged land, treacherous seas and then later on fast planes, span over 4 decades to finally reach our destination – what we now call home. Some of those memories have been lost in translation, or best forgotten…but this experience has shaped our unique identity and given us courage, strength, and motivation to pursue our dreams in this new land. We are so lucky to be here.

Food has always brought us joy and comfort to our lives, as we gather together to share moments, which later become radiant, positive, memories. Sharing food is an expression of the heart and soul. Vietnamese street food is so vibrant, affordable, simple and delicious…and it does not need to be unhealthy!

We would like to take you on this journey and share with you the wonderful food that we create for you to enjoy, passed on from generation to (the next) generation. We are grateful in every sense of the word.